Is It Worth It to Pay Someone to Write Your Essay?

Is It Worth It to Pay Someone to Write Your Essay

Getting through college is hard enough without the added stress of writing essays. With deadlines looming, it can be tempting to pay for professional essays online so you can cross it off your to-do list. But is it really worth it? There are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to outsource your academic work.

The perceived benefits of paying for essays

At first glance, having an expert from an essay writing service to write your essay for you seems like an easy fix to a big problem. Here are some of the potential benefits that make this option appealing:

Saves time

Writing an essay properly takes a significant amount of time. There’s time needed to carefully consider the essay prompt or assignment guidelines and make sure you fully understand what is being asked. Then there’s the time required to brainstorm interesting ideas and angles to approach the topic.

Outlining and structuring the essay in a logical flow takes concentration and attention to detail. You need ample time to do thorough research using scholarly sources to back up your main points. Writing a solid rough draft that puts your research and ideas into polished paragraphs takes sustained mental effort.

And of course, editing and proofreading the essay carefully to refine the writing, double-check citations, and correct any grammar or style issues is crucial for the final product.

When you’re juggling so many other commitments as a student – attending classes, studying for exams, working a job, participating in activities, maintaining a social life – finding all that extra time to properly work on an important essay can be extremely tough.

Paying an experienced writer to handle everything from researching to outlining to writing and editing frees up a significant amount of your time to focus on other high priority tasks.

Reduces stress

For many students, writing essays invokes a lot of stress and anxiety. Just thinking about having to pick an intriguing topic, come up with an argumentative thesis, find supporting evidence from scholarly sources, write in a formal academic style, and organize disjointed thoughts into a coherent narrative is enough to induce worry.

Stressing about starting a big essay when you have other assignments piling up can keep you up at night. Agonizing over how to structure effective introductions and conclusions, fretting over correct citation formats, and catching mistakes or typos that impact your grade gives students gray hairs.

Writing anything less than your best work because you don’t have the time or skills to do an essay justice can torment perfectionists used to getting top grades. Handing off the project off to an essay writing professional seems like the best way to keep stress levels under control.

May get a better grade

Qualified essay writers have the advanced research, writing, and editing skills that come from years of experience completing academic assignments in a myriad of subjects. They know what professors are looking for and how to compose an essay that fully meets the requirements and expectations for a particular assignment.

This specialized expertise could potentially lead to a better grade on an outsourced essay compared to what an exhausted, overwhelmed student could achieve rushing an essay the night before it’s due. Getting higher grades provides a strong incentive for students to consider professional essay writing help.

Lets you focus time on preferred tasks

College students nowadays have jam-packed schedules filled with classes, extracurriculars, part-time jobs, internships, and more. With so much on their plates, they need to prioritize and devote time to the academic work and activities they find most meaningful and career-relevant.

Unfortunately, that leaves less time for general education classes students must take to fulfill degree requirements in subjects outside their majors that may not fascinate them. Outsourcing tedious essays for those mandatory courses lets students invest their limited energy into learning opportunities they find truly engaging and important for their futures.

Upgrade your skills

If essays don’t come easily to you, invest time each week into improving your writing. Find books, websites, YouTube tutorials, and apps offering tips on how to research, plan, organize, write, format, edit, and proofread academic papers in any subject. Practicing and applying these skills will boost your confidence.

Improve time management

If you struggle with procrastination, curb that habit through diligent calendar blocking to assign yourself set writing time. Learn to pace yourself through long assignments, take breaks to renew mental focus, and reward yourself for achieving writing milestones. Ongoing time management refinement prevents last-minute essay panics.

Minimize unnecessary obligations

Audit your schedule and cut back on anything distracting you from academics. Keep a detailed log of how you spend your time to identify activities that aren’t contributing to your success and can be scaled back, like social media or Netflix binges. Protect your study time fiercely.

Set earlier deadlines

Impose an earlier due date on yourself for big assignments and treat that date as immovable. Starting essays well before they are due removes pressure and ensures you have time to ask for help, revise properly, and fix any tech issues. Build in wiggle room.

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